Gryphons Gold – play online casinos for free

  • Software: Novomatic
  • Slot Type: Video slots
  • Paylines: 9
  • Reels: 5

Description of the slot machine

Griffins are powerful and majestic mythical beings, and it is not known if they could actually exist in reality. But right now you can get acquainted with griffins and other fantastic creatures. To take a trip to the magical forest, you must run the Slot Golder Griffin. He, like many other slot machines of this type, immediately transports the players in a virtual fairytale world.


The automat Golder Griffin online, play for free and without registration

The game begins by selecting the number of lines that are fired. Then you have to click the button «BET ONE» or «BET MAX». Start the rotation with the button “START”. To win, the same symbols in a row must start from the left roll. The winnings are immediately displayed in the box below. The amount can be picked up immediately, this too is enough to press «START». Another option – to take the risk by playing the guess card colors. Five cards are opened, the sixth is face down. What’s this? «BET ONE» means that the red suit, «BET MAX» – black. You guessed it – doubled profits, do not guess – disappeared, you can start all over again. At any time you can give up the game in the doubling, pressing all the same button “START”, has already been won money into a piggy bank only the player to get back to turn go.


To test this amazing slot, try playing at home for real money or developing your skills for free. Let these bees make you benefit! It’s awesome and strange slot! In a word, the free online games are just what you need. You can start your awesome adventures right now by memorizing simple rules of the game. Also there is such a possibility that you can get real money if you become successful professional in this game! Everything depends on you!


Good luck with the game!